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We have all experienced the feeling of lust and desire that can not be contained. A gentle touch in the cinema, a stimulating and passionate conversation in a bar, or the feeling of heat coming from your partner’s sun-kissed skin.

These moments of uncontrollable passion are truly magical, but they are also rare. These feelings are hard to replicate, especially in the middle of the week after a long day at work. The sexual side of our personality is not always switched on. Instead, it changes depending on our mood, stress levels, age, and how busy we are with everyday challenges and responsibilities. Libido is not something that can easily be controlled. Most people can not decide, from one moment to the next, to suddenly feel desire.

But what we can do is put our bodies and minds in a state which will encourage passion. This can help your sexual self awake, making your and your partner’s time in the bedroom a lot more fun.

Here at CBD DONA, our goal is to help you with precisely that.

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Getting into the mood

Did you know that already in ancient India, cannabis was used to enhance sexual experiences?

CBD is a chemical compound found in all cannabis plants and, contrary to its well-known chemical compound cousin – THC, CBD does not get you high. It will not give you an out-of-body experience or put you in a state of euphoria. But, instead, CBD has potential relaxing and anti-anxiety properties, which might make all the difference in putting you and your partner in the right mood.


The beauty of CBD is that it is so much more than a remedy to help our bodies rest.

Early research suggests CBD might also have the ability to calm us down when facing a stressful situation. A particular study we like to refer to was done in 2011 and focused on learning whether CBD can make it easier for people to perform well in highly stressful situations. In this study, the participants were asked to speak in public, half of them doing so after consuming CBD.

Interestingly, the results showed significantly lower anxiety levels in the group who had consumed CBD than those who had to speak without it.

We know that you will probably not need to give a speech in the bedroom (although some people do take role-playing very seriously). But performing sexually might be as stressful and anxiety-inducing as speaking in public, especially if we are not entirely comfortable with nudity or suffer from low self-esteem issues.

This is why performance anxiety can happen to all of us and is a common problem couples experience in the bedroom. If you believe performance anxiety might be to blame for your less than ideal sex life, then CBD might be a great solution. It can help put you in the right headspace allowing you to focus more on your feelings and emotions rather than logic and performance. This should make it easier for you to enjoy yourself and get lost in the moment instead of feeling anxious, nervous, or too self-aware.


While many sexual difficulties can be attributed to our mental state, this is not always the answer to problems in the bedroom.

Some women suffer from certain medical conditions which make it hard for them to fully enjoy penetrative sex. Endometriosis, vaginismus or even IBS are just some examples of health issues that might make sex difficult, unpleasant, and in some cases – very painful.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for many of these conditions. As a result, the focus needs to be put on symptom management and supporting more pleasurable and easy sexual interactions.

Early studies suggest that CBD, when applied topically (directly to the skin), can relax and ease tension in the muscles where the topical is used, which might be very beneficial for women suffering from such conditions.

There are even CBD-infused products specifically designed to be used during a sexual encounter, such as our CBD DONA Sex Lube.

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Which CBD products should you keep on your bedside table?

Introducing CBD into your sex life might feel a little strange at first.

The goal of CBD DONA is to make your life easier and more pleasurable. FOr that reason, we have decided to create this little guide explaining the various products we have designed for you, including information on how you can use them and how they might benefit you and your sex life.

How can different CBD products be used in the bedroom?

CBD Oils & CBD Vapes

Let’s start with the classics.

Using CBD oil or vaping CBD are the two most traditional ways of consuming this particular cannabinoid. By putting a few drops under your tongue, CBD can reach the bloodstream relatively quickly, allowing most people to start feeling the effects within 30 minutes.
When you vape CBD, the vapour that’s inhaled goes straight to the lungs and reaches the bloodstream even faster, making it possible to feel the effects as soon as 15 minutes after inhalation.
Both methods of consumption can help put your body in the right state to give and receive pleasure. This is especially the case for people who struggle with body image and body issues. Research shows that a lot of Europeans do indeed struggle with these!

Sex is an essential aspect of our lives. It promotes better health, a closer relationship with your partner and, funnily enough, higher body acceptance.

If you are unable to enjoy sex because all you can think about are the imperfections on your body, it might make sense for you to use CBD to help you let go before a romantic evening. And as we briefly mentioned before, this is also true for those of us who have performance issues due to high stress and anxiety levels. CBD can help you shift your mental focus and energy elsewhere.

It really might be as simple as that. You have the will, the passion, and the ability. All you need is a little push, in the form of a CBD drop or vape, to put you in the right mental state.


We don’t need research to tell us that getting turned on is not quite as simple as flicking a switch. This is especially true for many women, who often need time and foreplay to be fully ready for a sexual encounter.

If the foreplay and needs of one sexual partner differ significantly from that of the other, then one of the main problems in the bedroom might be inadequate lubrication.

Why would there be such a discrepancy in needs? Well, some people need more time to warm up in the bedroom than their partners and, unfortunately, are not always able to vocalise this adequately. Additionally, some partners might struggle with a medical condition that can lead to such issues.

It could also be related to the change in the amount of hormones our bodies produce with age. As a result, we might react differently to various sexual stimulants or encounters than we used to. Whatever the problem may be, it is very normal for issues or such discrepancies to arise in the bedroom.

However, if not appropriately addressed, these might result in sex becoming difficult or perhaps even painful, leading many women to avoid sexual encounters altogether.

One of the ways in which penetrative sex can be more pleasurable is by increasing the blood flow. Cannabinoids are actually known for increasing the blood flow in our bodies, and CBD Oil and CBD Lube can help do just that, potentially increasing your body’s natural ability to provide lubrication in the moments of romantic encounters. 

And let’s not forget about the potential of CBD to help relax tense muscles. Since lube is a topical designed for being used in penetrative sex, infusing it with CBD might help relax the muscles wherever they need to be relaxed.

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    How to introduce CBD into your sex life

    Our CBD products are designed to help you and your sexual partner enjoy sex more. They might also be what you need to rekindle the passion that once was, but is no longer. Regardless of why you have decided to explore the CBD DONA world, we are happy to know that our products might make a difference.

    We have designed our products with a lot of care and love, hoping these are the emotions you will feel when you start using our CBD DONA oils, gels and vapes.

    There are many ways you can add CBD to your sex life. First, you can start by yourself by consuming CBD oil or CBD vape on your own and seeing where that takes you. But for most pleasure and best results, you should try to approach it with whoever you share your sexual life with. So talk to your partner about trying it together. There is a very good chance they will be up for it too.

    And if they might don’t want to vape or use CBD oil, respect their decision. Instead, perhaps a lovely, relaxing CBD massage or a CBD experience-enhancing lube is a better way to go?

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