Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

Full spectrum 25mg CBD Capsules with Hemp Oil


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Our Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules are an effortless and taste-free way of introducing CBD into your life and supporting your body.

A box of Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules by CBDDONA contains:

● 750 mg of high-quality CBD in total
● 30 capsules
● Hemp oil as the carrier oil
● 25 mg of CBD per capsule
● No flavour

Our CBD Capsules are filled with CBD and high-quality hemp oil. They are very simple to use, which resonates with people who want a no-fuss and straightforward CBD solution. By using our capsules, you can avoid the earthy flavours of CBD oils, while easly controling the amount of CBD you take.

Peso 35 g
Dimensiones 12 × 7 × 2 cm
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